Who We Are

Our Vision
To be the leading media/arts organisation for the aspirations, initiatives and talents of our people, creating greater appreciation and understanding of our cultures within Australia and globally.

About Us
Gadigal Information Service provides spaces for Aboriginal and other Indigenous people to develop their inherent story telling abilities. Every day we honour the world’s oldest living cultures as our ancestors did, with words, music, images and performance.

Through our technically sophisticated media arts hub in Redfern, Sydney we provide opportunities for Kooris, Murris, Gooris and all Aboriginal Australians as well as Torres Strait Islanders, Pacific Islanders and many other First Nations mobs to share their news, information and creativity.

How We Achieve this

We have persisted to establish media platforms so Aboriginal voices can be heard in Australia’s most competitive media city. The greater Sydney area is also home to the greatest concentration of Aboriginal people in the country. As Koori Radio 93.7FM 2LND we are known for our Live ‘n Deadly broadcasting, providing news, views and music the other media don’t. This is a vital service and lifeline to over 100,000 listeners, connecting them with the greater community.

Our newest platform, Kr00 Koori Radio Digital online offers this broadcast service and more to a worldwide audience.

We have always supported live performance. As fleeting as it may be, it is the fire that brings our communities together in celebration. As with our broadcasts, this also provides invaluable live performance experience and exposure to First Nations artists. Koori Radio 93.7FM proudly presents Yabun, meaning ‘music with a beat’ in the Gadigal language, our annual festival celebrating the survival of our cultures, every 26 January. Koori Radio also proudly presents Klub Koori throughout the year, a moveable feast of musical styles that resonate with our mobs.

Kr00 will capture the best of these moments and spreads them across time and space – coming by August 2013. Inspiring our mobs to share their own moments. Every day, a little more is added to the Dreaming.

Making this happen is a highly-skilled team drawn from our own people. Other talented people from First Nations around the world contribute many volunteer hours. We are committed to career opportunities in media arts for our mobs and have a proud list of alumni.

Our development opportunities begin with Young, Black & Deadly, offering accredited media training for Koori youth and performance, songwriting and dance workshops. Confident and enthusiastic young broadcasters fill our 4-6pm Mon-Fri and are the future voice of our organisation and our mobs.

Creative musicians are drawn to our Kameygal recording studio, which is available for hire by all. Aboriginal performers are nurtured through our Artist Development Program, learning from professional mentors how to establish and sustain themselves in the music industry. As much as our support funding will allow we are offer development opporfunities for Aboriginal sound engineers, producers, photographers, graphic artists and video directors.

Our successes have been hard won. We are never complacent. In 2014 we will be 21 years young. We have new generations of voices to nurture. As we create these spaces for their creative visions, your support is needed more than ever before.

Gadigal Information Service is a not for profit Aboriginal community organisation. It is governed by a constitution and a Board elected by its Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander membership. GiS has deductible gift recipient status and donations from within Australia over $2 are tax deductible.